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Can you confidently pull your boxers in the presence of your fellow guys? or a new girl you are dating? Can you wear swimming pants at the pool like every other guys?

I am sure you can't... You will definitely want to use your hand to cover it. Lol! I know because I was like you even until 2017.

Others will be showing of their pants and their Big Blokos, you will be busy looking for who is looking at your small kokoro... Hahaha!

It wasn't funny at all!

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Have you ever tried to know why your woman is always not happy having sex with you? Do you know that her usual complain of tiredness means that she abhors your ‘’carrot-sized ’’ manhood and poor performance as she CAN NEVER enjoy sexual satisfaction with you?

Your poor performance in bed with ladies is “no secret”, it is a common topic of discussion with their friends who call you ‘Mr. Fine for Nothing’ or “One Minute Noodles” at your back… Chai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every one- minute man is an object of mockery with girls.

BUT the only reason why girls still flock around you despite your problem is that they want you to be fueling and servicing a car for another man to ride. (Are you a Maga?)

The truth is that a lot of ladies prefer poor, ugly and jobless dude with a BIGGER and THICKER PENIS inside of them than confronting you straight…
Meeting up with her BEDROOM needs is just as important as providing for her material needs…

Below Are The Problems Most Women Complain When It Comes To MEN's PERFORMANCE in Bed:

1. Annoying Small PENIS (most women call it a carrot): Agree or not, every woman wants your PENIS to DIG down deep and scrubs the walls of her Vagina. If you are unfortunately blessed with a TINNY ROD and still do nothing to change it… don’t be surprised when the DNA confirm that your children are fathered by your DRIVER. Haaaaa! YES... Its that bad because women will easily forget their home training in the sight of BIG ROD that can go down well... Nothing compares to Orgasm with a woman.

2. Weak Erection ( Erectile Dysfuction): Most men are faced with this problem as a result of excess intake of sugar, smoking & alcohol as well as infections and ageing factors. This prevent most men from giving their woman sexual satisfaction.

3. Five Minutes Shooting (Ejaculating Just Too Early): Your Woman may hide it, either not to embarrass you or sound promiscuous but the truth remains that no woman will be happy when her man ejaculates within 2-5 minutes of penetration. Premature ejaculation can leads to low erection and make your rod look like that of a primary 6 pupil.

How Could you possibly blame your woman, if you are facing the above Listed problems?

The earlier you solve this sexual problem, the BETTER for you because most women want To Enjoy the BEST Sexual Orgasm...... Which Only BIG PENIS can Offer...

…and the surest way to achieve this kind of SIZE and IMPROVE your sexual PERFORMANCE is through This 2-in-1 Solution.

See ehn! Ladies only discuss your poor performance in bed with her fellow ladies... Chai... I hate that part of the problem.

That's why it's very important not to only provide for only her material needs, but the other ROOM DUTIES.

Yes.. you are no man, if you can't satisfy your WOMAN.

So, ACT FAST and tackle the root cause of the problem with the 2-in-1 Solution that worked for me and thousands of other Nigerian Men Going Through same Problem.
..... or keep having your woman complain about your performance in the OTHER ROOM.

Don’t allow your faithful woman to replace you with dildo/sex toys or seek for assistance from your neighbor with BIG rod

This product is different from every other product you have being seeing on the internet. The combination of these 2 products will work 100% and change your penis size from CARROT to CUCUMBER or CASSAVA depending on how big you want it... We will show you how to get the result you want. Just read on...

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The work of maxman’s booster cream is to relax the elasticity and thickness of the cell wall and achieve the purpose of penis enlargement by movement. It is like a plastic tube. If you want to increase its diameter, you have to heat it with a warm towel before doing it. You must also perform the penis enlargement exercise we will send to you in video. There must be enough exercise everyday (10 minutes of exercise time a day), because exercise can make the surface of the cortex better absorbed, and the amount of blood in the penis is increased by stretching. Each cell space is increased to the maximum of the individual. The MAXMAN penis enlargement cream works both simple and safe, and more effective if used with a penis enlarger Capsule. In general, after 2-6 weeks, the cell wall in the penis muscle becomes thicker, the space becomes larger, the amount of blood influx into the cavernous body increases, and the penis naturally increases. If used in conjunction with the US maxman penis enlargement pill, the effect is 100% Guaranteed


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